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Relationship Advice


Your meet-cute moment is a step away with this weekly email prompt. No apps, no fees, just the magic of real-life moments.

Actionable tips to find your authentic meet-cute.

Find LoveIRL

How to Get Over a Breakup

Uplifting sentiments for the cosmic untethering of your heart.

Move forward with weekly heart-mending messages.


Personal Goals

Goal Path Finder

Reveal the path towards achieving your goals. Actionable tips made for you to level up.

Goal juice delivered weekly.

Goal Juice


Anxiety Coping Skills

Positive insights to quell anxious patterns of the mind.

Daily grounding support for anxiety.

Minus Anxiety


Nicotine Withdrawal

A daily email with positive reinforcement to achieve freedom from nictotine.

Get personalized support, strength and resolve.

Nicotine Sadness

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